Diddy Pays Tribute to his Ex-Girlfriend, Kim Porter

Diddy, aka Sean Combs, finally breaks the silence after his ex-partner, Kim Porter’s death. He tweeted on his Twitter account saying how he felt after she passed away. Along with a video of both dancing and snuggling, he said:

‘For the last three days, I’ve been trying to wake up out of this nightmare. But I haven’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you baby. I miss you so much. Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try and find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship.’

He followed writing to the second post:
‘We were more than best friends, we were more than soulmates. WE WERE SOME OTHER SHIT!! And I miss you so much. Super Black Love’

Kim Porter’s Death

Kim passed away on 15th November when she was 47 years old. According to TMZ, she suffered from flu and pneumonia for weeks. However, the real cause of her death hasn’t been disclosed yet. Moreover, the officials have ordered for an additional investigation.

Diddy’s Relationship with Kim

Diddy started dating Porter in 1994 and broke up with her in 2007. They had ups and downs, breakups and reunions many times during their 13 years long love life. From the relationship, Diddy has three children, twins daughter, and a son.