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Facts of Hang Mioku

Date of Birth : 1963-07-08
Age : 55 years old
Family Name : Hang Mioku
Birth Place : South Korea
Birth Sign : Cancer
Nationality : South Korean
Ethnicity : Asian
Net Worth : $100 thousand
Hair Color : Black
Eye color : Black

Short Statistics of Hang Mioku

Is Hang Mioku married? Married
How many children does Hang Mioku have? 2 Childrens
Who is Hang Mioku spouse/partner? Beau Biden
Is Hang Mioku Dating Someone? Beau Biden
Is Hang Mioku LGBTQ?

Who is Hang Mioku?

Hang Mioku is a Korean singer and model by profession who is famous because of her face surgery that went wrong. The model made her face worse by injecting cooking oil on her face.

Hang Mioku: Birthday, Family, Facts

The model was born on the year 1963, July 8 in South Korea. Hang does not reveal much of the information regarding her family background. Moreover, she hasn’t shared her educational background, though she has attended local School.

Early Profession and Career

There was a time when Hang’s career was blooming. By profession, she is a model and singer. Hang started her career as a model. Though she was gaining fame, she became obsessed with plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. She moved to Japan for plastic surgery where she went through repeated and failed surgery which ultimately damaged her career as well as her face. Currently, she works in a clothing shop in South Korea.

Hang Mioku: Net Worth and Salary

People must seize the opportunity in their life whenever got chances. However, Hang at her peak time in career was obsessed with plastic surgery that destroyed her fame as well her wealth. Hang hasn’t disclosed her total assets as she had spent her income on making her face. Mioku’s net worth is around $100 thousand as of 2019.

Hang Mioku: Married, Husband, Kids

Hang was a beautiful girl who ruined her life through multiple surgeries. Hang is married to Beau Biden with two beautiful children Natalie and Hunter.

Hang Mioku: Plastic Surgery

Once a favorite South Korean celebrity, Hang has lost her career due to multiple Plastic surgeries. Hang was a South Korean actress, singer, and model. During her career, she moved to Japan to enhance her look through the help of plastic surgery.

Until the age of 28, Hang was a charming young person with a radiant look on her face. All that changed when she started to undergo plastic surgery. She kept the obsession to look beautiful than others. This led her downfall instead of success.

Hang Mioku face before and after

Hang Mioku’s face, before and after

Doctors suggested Hang for stopping the crazy obsession of plastic surgery, but she refused to take the advice. The doctors refused more surgery that was damaging her face. However, that didn’t stop Hang to use the medium of plastic surgery to enhance her look. After all the surgery, Hang was in a state where her face was utterly ruined. She took the help of the black market to inject silicon on her face without the help of doctors.

At some point, she was broke from all the high expenses and the high cost of surgery. Ultimately, she used cooking oil on her face which did permanent damage on her face. Her face was swollen and bigger to match with her body. Even her parents couldn’t recognize Hang.

The news of Hang’s distorted face spread quickly. Many people donated money to help Hang to regain her beauty. Though she went through reverse surgery; her beautiful face never went back to her original look. However, she was relieved to some extent after the surgery.

Hang Mioku: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Hang was blessed with the beautiful face before the crazy obsession with plastic surgery started. The desire to enhance the beauty took all the essential things from her life. She hasn’t disclosed information regarding her body measurement. She has black hair with black eyes.

Social Media Profiles

It might be the look that discouraged Hang to use the social sites or an embarrassment from her failed plastic surgery. She is not active on Social Media.