Terminator Actor, Dick Miller Dies at 90

Dick Miller, an actor who is known for his role in 1984 classic horror movie named ‘Gremlins,’ has died at 90 years of age.

Edgar Wright, a director, shared condolence on his death:

Death Cause and Funeral

Dick Miller died on Wednesday, 30th January 2019 in Toluca Lake. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news. According to a family spokesperson, he passed away after one month and five days of the 90th birthday party. Moreover, the spokesperson also revealed the death to be a natural cause.

As of now, he is survived by his better-half wife, Lainie, his daughter Barbara, and grand-daughter Autumn. The information regarding his funeral is not confirmed yet.

Who was Dick Miller?

Dick Miller was born on 25th December 1928 in The Bronx. Before attending City College, New York, and Columbia University, he also served in the U.S. Navy.

In 1952, he moved to California, where he was offered a rile in Apache Woman in 1955. After that, he started working with Roger Corman and starred a role in A Bucket of Blood as Walter Paisley in 1959.

He is best known for the movies like ‘Gremlins,’ and ‘Terminator,’ from which, he gained enough popularity.

Dick Miller will be remembered!