Mandy Moore Secretly Married Taylor Goldsmith

The ‘This Is Us’ star; Mandy Moore tied knot secretly with Taylor Goldsmith, Dawes frontman in Los Angeles recently.

She uploaded a picture of her wedding captioning date: ’11-18-18.’

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Several celebrity friends attended her private ceremony including Chrissy Metz, Milo Ventimiglia, and Sterling K. Brown.

Mandy Moore: Modern Wedding over Traditional

Not long ago, while speaking to CNN, Mandy expressed an idea of a wedding. She said that she prefers modern marriage than that of traditional.

‘Seeing the day start to take shape, I don’t think it will be super-conventional, but it will speak to our love for one another and our shared life that we already have.’

Planned Parenthood

Moore has decided. She said that she hopes to become parents soon. In an interview, she said:

‘(Being a mother) is a role I’ve always looked forward to playing in life one day. I feel like I get to have glimpses of it and live vicariously through my role and through work every day, but I have always just had a soft spot for anything having to do with kids.’

Congratulation Moore!