Cyntoia Brown, A Free Girl After Serving for 15 Years in Prison

Cyntoia Brown is a name who has successful shake the entrenched nature of law. Age 30, Cyntoia was a victim of sex trafficking. The brave girl defended herself through a bullet to 43 old perverts who used Cyntoia for sex. For the self-defense on her life, she was put behind the bar at the age of 16.

Cyntoia Brown, A Fate That Wasn’t Hers

After serving 15 years of time in jail, finally, Cyntoia is hopeful to enjoy the mercy of life.

She murdered Johnny Allen in the self-defense to save from a 43 old pedophile. Though she went on her own will with the man in his house, upon reaching his home, he fumbles Cyntoia roughly which made her take a step. After the murder, she took belongings of the man and ran away from the scene.

She lost the case in past where she had to serve for 51 Years before being eligible for parole consideration.

However, luck took a swift turn towards Cyntoia, where celebrity joined together for the justice of Cyntoia.

Who is Cyntoia Brown?

Cyntoia was born to Georgina Mitchell in Tennessee on January 29, 1988. There is no information on her father. Due to the abusive nature of her mother, she was adopted by another family.

However, she ran away from the house and stayed with a pimp known as ‘cut-throat.’ This entire incident made her fall in the trap of sex trafficking.